Punjab & Punjabi's

Punjab is a state in North India and Punjabi is the main language in Punjab. Due to the large number of Punjabi People distributed throughout the world, many people are experiencing the Punjabi culture. Punjabi People, Punjabi Culture and Punjabi Music get great recognition in the world.

Punjabi Music : Punjabi Fork music made it's place in old days but now a days Punjabi music is adopting New style. New Punjabi music is blending of rap , western style music which is also getting popular in western world. Due to that, New Punjabi singers are coming to Punjabi Music Industry. New Punjabi Singers are also going toward Punjabi Films which turning the face of Punjabi Industry. Bollywood is also opening doors for New Punjabi singers to sing in Hindi Films. That's why New Punjabi singers are also trying their career in bollywood.

Punjabi Dance : Punjabi music is incomplete without Punjabi Dance. Bhangra and Gidha are main forms of Punjabi Dance and It is normally performed at times of celebrations.

Punjabi wedding traditions : Punjabi wedding ceremonies are great fun which include Punjabi dance and food. Punjabi weddings are full of colours. People spend lot of money to buy new clothes and jewellery. Peoples are adopting new trends in Punjabi wedding but weddings still has many rituals and ceremonies that have evolved since traditional times.

Punjabi Food : Punjabi people are food lover. Punjabi food is popular in all over the world. Butter chicken in non-vegetarian is most popular dish. Saag, Dal makani and choley are most popular vegetarian dishes. Naan, puri , bhatoora , tandoori roti and makki ki roti are very popular breads of Punjabi and it is served with most of the dished. Punjabi people also adopting new style of cooking with less oil or butter for healthy option.