Monday, 20 August 2012

Zubaida Khanum best Punjabi Film songs completion

Asif410: Folks in the begining of this video are happy songs and toward the end \"roonay\" walay gaaney :) 1: 2: 3: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: zubaida khanum best punjabi film songs completion ************************************** she started her singing career in 1950, when she recorded a song for \"pherey\". her singing career lasted for seventeen years, 1950 -1967, during which she rendered hundreds of songs for numerous movies. in 1956, she played the lead actress opposite late actor zaheer for \"paye khan\". in fact that proved to be the first and last movie of her life. from 1956 onwards, she concentrated on singing. the song, which literally carried her name to the nook and corner of pakistan, was \"laila, laila, laila\" (ishq-e-laila). another song, which was almost as popular as \"laila\", was \"aye badalon kay rahi\"(raat kay rahi). her unique style and deliverance were enough to immortalize her right in the 1950. her unparalleled pronunciation and great understanding of lyrics and music brought her laurels for both urdu and punjabi songs. it is said that all through her career she was such a sought after artist that while she was rehearsing one song, a dozen music directors were waiting in line to blend her lilting voice in their composition. the all time great super hits like: \"aye mausam rangeelay (saat lakh) \"dil jala na dil walay\" (koel) \"mithi, mithi batiyon say (raaz) brought ... Zubaida Khanum best Punjabi Film songs completion